breast implant removal

“En bloc” is a term used to describe the removal of the capsule and implant together. The capsule is your body’s response to your implants. It may contain silicone gel, silicone shell fragments, bacteria, calcification, and inflammatory cells which have been mobilized by your immune system to react to different components of the implant.

If you have pain around the implants, it is usually due to the pulling effect of the scar on surrounding muscle and tissue. If you have health problems that could be from the presence of the implants, removal of the capsule is critical in improving your health.

A timely and proper explant (removal) of your breast implants and the capsule tissue growing around the breast implant is a vital step to your recovery from en bloc breast explantation. As soon as the implants and capsule tissue are properly and thoroughly removed, you will likely notice a reduction or clearing of some of your symptoms.