The purpose of this procedure is to restore a more youthful appearance by smoothing and tightening and major wrinkles and sagging skin of the face, neck, and jaw line. Along with the removal of any excess skin, the muscles of the face and neck are elevated and secured, helping to maintain the improvement of the contours of the face and neck.

The skin begins to wrinkle and sag as a result of age, sun exposure, and genetics. Children and young adults have smooth, well-defined faces due to evenly distributed fatty tissues in facial contours. Over time, the skin sags, and folds along the chin, jaw line, and neck become prominent. Not only does a facelift improve facial appearance, it also has a dramatic effect on the neck, enhancing its contour and profile. Dr. Perry’s previous clients have claimed that their facelift made them feel at least a decade younger.

The goal is a natural rejuvenated appearance, rather than a drawn, overly tight, unnatural look. Check with your surgeon to see if a facelift is right for you.

10 years younger!

July 29, 2017

This was the first time I had any procedure done anywhere. Dr. Perry will be the only plastic surgeon I ever use.

Diana Marshall