Dermal Fillers

Triple board-certified Dr. Adam Perry is widely considered to be an expert in the field of facial injectables and fillers. Having been involved in detailed research on the cosmetic uses of different toxins, and experienced in using a wide range of injectable fillers for his patients.

  • Procedure:

    Performed during 1 visit

  • Recovery Time:

    7 Days (10 for lips)

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What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are typically injected just under the surface of the skin to enhance the appearance of your face.

These gel-form injectable fillers are made up of biosynthetic materials (such as calcium hydoxylapatite) or natural ones (hyaluronic acids and collagens) that help fill in target areas beneath the skin. These fillers include Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, and more. Depending on your specific needs and expectations, one or more of these types of fillers may be right for you.

The procedure is minimally invasive – there’s no cutting or pulling as with surgery – and very little or no pain, and minimal recovery time. In fact, most of our patients report barely feeling the needle as it’s injected.

"Look the way you want to to look"

Fat Fillers

A dream come true, a procedure that moves fat from where you want less of it, and puts it where you can use more. Using your own fat as an injectable filler to plump up lips, fill out wrinkles or folds, make cheeks or chin more prominent, or raise acne scars. The soft fat feels natural, and can be harvested from some other spot on your body, such as your abdomen.

Although fat grafting and other types of grafting are still not perfect, they have certainly come a long way. Schedule a consultation with your surgeon to determine if using fat fillers is right for you.

Autologous Grafting

Using your own tissue (in this case fat, but in other situations cartilage, fascia, or bone) is referred to as autologous grafting. It is widely done to repair serious facial injuries and other problems due to disease, trauma, or birth defects.